What happens after P2V of Domain Member Windows 2K3 R2 STD x64 Server..?

Objective: proof of concept testbed to check the feasibility of P2V

Having used virtualization technology from free to use products (VMware Server, Citrix XenServer), always wanted to check the feasibility of P2V specially domain member windows server.

Well, today i achieved that with VMware’s vCenter Converter Standalone and VMware Server (ver 2.0.1, build 156745) running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition x86 R2 SP2.

I converted one of the physical server (h/w: IBM System x3550) to virtual server, running Oracle application server on Win2K3 STD x64 R2 edition platform. After P2V migration tested and verified the integrity of unique machine SID and Windows Domain computer account ObjectSID with the exception of MAC address.

below are the details:

pMachine Domain ObjectSID (AdExplorer)

vMachine Domain ObjectSID

pMachine ID: (psgetsid)
SID for \\TRWEBP2:

vMachine ID: (psgetsid)
SID for \\TRWEBP2:



Note: It was tested to check the above mention objective, no other test was run after P2V migration.
         Need to test the same with Citrix XenServer and will eventually post the same.

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