SAN Machine ready

NexentaStor 3.0.4 on HP ML370 G6 tower,

here are the specs,

Dual Socket, Quad Core, HT enabled Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5540 @ 2.53GHz 8 Gig ram (4g populated for each proc)

L3 cache 8 mb

2 x 73 gb SAS (15k) RAID-1= System OS

6 x 300 gb SAS (10k) RAID-0 single disk in each array to expose the disk for NexentaStor = Storage (RAID 10 = approx  838 gb pool)

M410i raid card 256 mb

Quad port Multifunction 1GbE card 


The above server turned into SAN storage is ready to be deployed on network to test & assess it features..

well, here is the server is already on network, configured the IP and here i go http://x.x.x.x:2000

the first screen shot …

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