Test SAN is UP & running.. now hope it doesn’t fall again….

well, after the grueling hrs of all attempt proved futile (this is what happens when you don’t have the knowledge about the platform/OS/technology), googled for some solaris networking commands.

having collected some basic solaris network configuring commands(for time being, i don’t want to elaborate what happened) but the following commands gave life to the network which was killed or probably i don’t know what had happened.


ifconfig ntxn3 unplumb

ifconfig ntxn3 plumb

ifconfig ntxn3 x.x.x.x netmask

route add default x.x.x.x


ntxn3 is the network port identified by #nexentastor (opensolaris)

all i was worried about was about the pool data.. the pool is healthy and the data intact… though it is test environment and the data also was test data, still generating the same environment when something goes wrong in test environment is cumbersome (part of IT  tech field).. non-technical persons/managers thinks that its vegetable business….. when its rots throw away, but in IT it has to be fixed.. as long as it is recoverable.

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