It’s time to fight back..

SPAM Mails – unsolicited emails are growing complex day by day, but never mind our intelligent community/companies on this earth (iPleed: save & make it green) have those digital arsenals to combat them…

am posting today an another spam mail which failed to be detected by our content filter…
every now and then i see there is a seepage of spam mails going undetected by our content filter.
and this made me curious why on the earth our content filter failed to identify the SPAM, its understood that no antispam solution is 100% but there exist b/n 2%-5% false positive.

and i have now taken up this challenge seriously to identify & isolate the why & how of missed (false positive) spam mails.
there might exist a solution already, but before i google about it and incorporate the workaround, i need to augment my knowledge bank the ins & outs involved with eliminating unsolicited emails….… no re-inventing wheel.. just leveraging existing technologies & stack it to build another digital arsenal 2fight SPAM

here the latest (recurred) fraudulent email message..

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