NexentaStor Notice Report by alert mail

FAULT: **********************************************************************

FAULT: Appliance   : nssan (OS v3.0.4, NMS v3.0.4 (r8917))


FAULT: Primary MAC : 18:a9:5:6e:a1:db

FAULT: Time        : Sun Jan 16 00:00:32 2011

FAULT: Trigger     : runners-check

FAULT: Fault Type  : ALARM

FAULT: Fault ID    : 20

FAULT: Fault Count : 2

FAULT: Severity    : NOTICE

FAULT: Action      : Administrative action required to clear the original

FAULT:             : fault that has caused ‘nms-check’ to go into

FAULT:             : maintenance. Once cleared, run ‘setup trigger nms-check

FAULT:             : clear-faults’ to clear the faults and re-enable

FAULT:             : ‘nms-check’. If the problem does not appear to be an

FAULT:             : actual fault condition, use ‘setup trigger nms-check’ to

FAULT:             : tune-up the fault trigger’s properties. See NexentaStor

FAULT:             : User Guide at for more

FAULT:             : information.

FAULT: Description : Runner nms-check went into maintenance state

FAULT: **********************************************************************



! For more detais on this trigger click on link below:




Runner nms-check (description: “Track NMS connectivity failures and internal errors”) went into maintenance state


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