Moving your OST in Outlook 2007 or 2010

Moving the OST

It’s not to difficult to move the OST from the default location to anywhere you want it

Follow the simple steps (don’t forget to restart Outlook when prompted)…

  1. Go into Tools | Account Settings
  2. [A] On the Data Files tab select the data file for the account
  3. [B] Turn off “Cached mode” on the “advanced” tab
  4. [C] Disable “Offline use” on the “offline folder” settings popup
  5. And then…. you can move the .ost (in Explorer) and reference the new location to have Outlook work with it
  6. When you’ve finished don’t forget to re-enable “Offline use” and turn “Cached mode” back on – otherwise you’ll only be able to work when connected to the remote server

When you have finished this process Outlook may spend a moment re-synchronising your local data with the server, but if you have moved and used a recent OST then the process will be no longer than a normal send/receive.

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