PDC system drive storage issue

Hi Active Directory System Administrators,

Offlate i faced a strange issue with storage space being eaten away on PDC system drive,
after posting the issue on activedir.org forum.
The issue with PDC system drive storage issue has been resolved.

I had formerly checked with windir, it shows 38gb unknown, as well shadow copies are disabled on both the servers.
The utility TREESIZE caught the culprit.

In fact the “C:\Windows\System32\winevt” had archived “Security” event logs of 300 mb each since 7th Jan 2012, as well other event log files (dns, DS, DFS, ADWS, system, setup, GP, blah blab blab…)
After backing them up those stale events logs i cleared them from the system.

phew!!! what a relief


found that some how in the “Security” event properties were set not to rewrite for some reason.
Although they were not required, i still backed up and cleared those logs and set the security events to overwrite them the oldest first.

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