Terminal Server Performance Best Practices

Often a minor changes to Terminal Server results in tremendous performance. Tweaking and maintaining the server performance to acceptable level is always a challenging issue.

Here am sharing recently tweaked settings resulting in little but effective performance increase:

feel free to share your tips.

Decreasing the memory usage of OfficeScan client on a terminal server

source: here


A terminal server hosts multiple user sessions at once and OfficeScan starts up the client GUI for each session.

Use this solution to modify the default settings so that the OfficeScan client GUI does not start up for every session, which in turn can help save system memory.


Please do the following:


Log on to the OfficeScan management console.


Go to Networked Computers > Client Management.


Select the OfficeScan client and then click to Settings > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings tab.


Under Client Console Access Restriction, select the Do not allow users to access the client console from the system tray or Windows Start menu check box.


Click Apply to All Clients.

By setting this restriction, your users will not be able to access the client console from the system tray or Windows Start menu. OfficeScan will run in the background and will continue to provide protection from security risks. This setting will also save you 6.5 to 7 MB of memory for each session in the terminal server.