Habits are Good (sometimes..)

People say that habits are good and as well bad.

GOOD if its like you are regular in workout, getting up early in the morning etc..
Bad like back biting, smoking etc..

What are the Good & Bad habits related to computing / IT / Security….etc..?
Well that’s out of scope of this blog to discuss everything the good and bad habits of IT and its related stuff..

Am going to tell you that how GOOD is the practice to take backup and how BAD if you forget it.. and specially how GOOD if its DROPBOX (recently came across, registered and now using it)

Yesterday morning @ my office i downloaded a GOOD WhitePaper (pdf) on Guide to IT Policies and Procedures (i needed them badly to enhance, amend our own) and saved straight away in “My Dropbox” folder (GOOD) and inspite of making a note in my Outlook tasks to print it to take home to have a glance at it, i forgot (BAD) due to hectic schedule (GOD! It happens with sysadmins only).

Back at my home sweet home (where my beautiful wife, two sons naughty & stress buster stays) after dinner before going to bed my usual habit (don’t know whether good or bad) to glance through my corporate mailbox and other things that interest me, a small notification in the system tray grabbed my attention on my incredible personal HP DV6188ea eNotebook.

The notification “Dropbox 0.6.570 All Files up to date”, aahhh… i recalled i had put one pdf file and lo its there is my notebook “My Dropbox” folder though i forgot the hard copy of the file, i managed to glance through the soft copy (something is better than nothing).

My GOOD habit developed recently to save critical, important & always needed files in “My Dropbox” folder helped me forget the concern of forgetting (BAD habit) FILES.