Import standalone VM to Hyper-V Cluster

Today i encountered an requirement to import NSVPX appliance into Hyper-V cluster.

The step are basically few and easy as follows:

  1. Through Hyper-V manager, in the “Actions” pane right hand side, select “Import Virtual Machine”
  2. Follows the steps and select the CSV (clustered shared volume)
  3. Once the import process is completed, do not start the VM
  4. Through “Failover Cluster Manager”, in the “Actions” pane right hand side, select “Configure role”
  5. Click next, in the “Select Role” step, scroll down and select “virtual machine”
  6. Upon clicking next the VM which was imported in step 1 & 2 & which is in offline state is listed.
  7. Select the VM for high availability configuration and click finish