Kill off Best Buy’s Geek Squad

Companies won’t provide a PC anymore — they’ll just offer a stipend and provide a managed environment. They’ll get out of the hardware business completely.

Desktop Virtualization is here to stay, technology will mature, things will get smoother.

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5 tips to prevent IT extinction


1. Recognize and embrace change. Survival depends on our ability to adapt, rather than swim against the tide of economic and social forces over which we have no control.

2. Focus on customers with dedication and intensity. Great customer service requires empathy, experience, and a real desire to serve. Unfortunately, merely being “nice” is sometimes confused with adding customer value, a far loftier goal.

3. Add value through innovation. Despite appearances to the contrary, IT is not doomed to be slave of commodity economics.

4. Improve communication. IT must communicate its value, pressures, and constraints in straightforward business terms rather than in technical, mumbo jumbo.

5. Lose the arrogance.
Condescending attitudes toward the business destroy IT’s credibility in the enterprise, making IT weak and vulnerable.