Development environments: Microsoft vs. Open Source


As we saw yesterday the much vaunted Unix skills premium over
Windows is pretty small – 15% or so in an overheated market and less
than that elsewhere.

Notice, however, that this information pertains only to larger
organizations: people who can pay their neighborhood pretend-a-geek $25
per hour to futz with their Windows machines are generally convinced
that’s a lot cheaper than paying a formal IT labor retailer $180 and up
for insurable skills.

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Microsoft’s open-source strategy: A picture is worth a thousand words

Microsoft’s open-source strategy: A picture is worth a thousand words by ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley — Does Microsoft have an open-source strategy — beyond finding new ways to thwart Linux? Sam Ramji, Microsoft’s Director of Platform Technology Strategy and the company’s Open Source Software Lab, says it does, and that he can distill it down to one PowerPoint slide.

Windows 2000/XP RunAs

Many a times we encounter a scenario, where in we need to log off and login as local administrator to perform administrative task, but in Windows XP its not the case, you can use runas command or right click the executable and select runas, its that simple.

What about Windows 2000 Professional:
Well by default, when windows 2000 professional is installed the runas service is set to startup type: automatically, hence point to the executable, hold shift key and right click to find “run as” option in the context menu or use runas /user:machine\administrator cmd, where machine is the name of your computer and then click ok.

For more information check this microsoft kb225035