Glad I survived for 9 hrs.

Salam, Good Evening.
Alhamdulillah am glad that I survived today … “9 hrs”

Well no need to worry, just read ahead a bit lengthy but vital…

Which gave me opportunity to think n recall those G-olden days. No internet, No mobile phones, No social media yet people were in touch.

This morning forgot to take my incredible iPhone with me, the device which had become integral part of my life, used for taking pictures, reading Quran, ebooks, playing games (temple run,angry birds) making gsm calls, VoIP calls, morning alarm, adhan, SMS, GPS, tweeting, whatsapp, Facebook, email checking various news updates and host of other useful features. Can’t imagine life without the smart device & it’s connected world.

The moment I realized that iPhone is left @home, instead of rushing back, the beautiful thought & immediate self smile to leave it alone for the day triggered and continued happily.. 🙂

Although I knew that I would miss those important calls, status updates , remainders, just smiled and patted my own back, Man ‘today’ will test your patience & life that’s has become dependent on technology.

And this evening here am back with my iPhone spilling those beans about My S-eXperience without iPhone.

Baby’s day out.

Called umpteen times to my wife instead of whatsapp, not to know is there any missed call or important msgs, but to speak to her, the essence which made me realize that I have long lost that magic of speaking to her while in office how romantic. 😉

Infact in those 9 hrs I panicked twice “oh… Where is my iPhone” my hands searching for it on my desk & in my pockets. Soon smiled again.. Thinking It’s safe there @HomeSweetHome – Where #Life begins & #Love never ends.

Got urged to check twitter, FB from my office desktop PC, but resisted.

Other than few (finger count) important phone numbers I don’t even remember my friends n emergency contact numbers such as close neighbors, sons school etc.

That led me to call those long last friends whom I might have not spoken In last few months. No prize for guessing from where did I get the contact number, they all are still available in my outlook contacts. 🙂

Technology is a boon to an extent, at the same time it’s a bane too.

Hope that I forget at least once or twice a month my iPhone to office & intend to keep it away on weekends.

Twitter ne neendh churayee…
FB has become refrigerator, I know that nothing is there, still keeps peeping.
Texting has become a way of life…

How nostalgic it would be to return to those non-internet days.

Glad I survived for 9 hrs.
Disconnect to connect…