A stuck and hang VM on Xenserver

Needed to upgrade the XenServer (v6.0) host memory, while shutting down the VM’s running on the host, i encountered, two of windows x64 guests stuck and hung while shutting down.
When attempted to force shutdown, it complained that “Another operation involving the object is currently in progress “

Goggling for the error found the following link which fixed the issue:
here and here

Here’s quote from one of the post that finally fix it for me (you need to login to server’s shell to execute the below command) :
1 – “xe vm-list” to get the uuid of the VM that is hung
2 – “list_domains” to list the domain uuid’s so you can determinethe domain # of the VM above by matching the uuids from this output with

the uuid for your VM from the previous command.
3 – “/opt/xensource/debug/destroy_domain -domid XX” where XX is the domain number from the previous command
4 – “xe vm-reboot uuid=XXXX –force” where XXXX is the uuid from the first vm-list command for your VM. (name-label may work but didn’t work this time for me so I used the uuid)

after following the above instructions almost worked but VM’s were still stuck however, adding a “xe-toolstack-restart” at the end took care of the problem.