MS Word 2007 acts as stranger to .docx file

Being in IT System Administration for more than a decade sometimes even most stupidest problem are untraceable or sometimes simple problem consumes lots of time in fixing, at times complex problem get resolved in less time.

It happened to me this morning when a user came to me with flash drive containing ms-word file complaining that he is unable to open the file.

There was no need to check the file version and the application version on his PC because we had standardized the default Office version will be 2007 on all PC’s in office.

Well thinking that probably the flash drive filesystem is corrupted or on the verge of failing, i copied the file to my local PC and opened by directly double clicking on it and received the following error

Without wasting time, i tried opening the file in OpenOffice (writer) v3.1.1, and lo without any glitch the file opened. Further i saved the file in word 2003 format and saved it to the flash also mailed the same to the user in case his flash might be corrupted.

How strange / funny is Microsoft Word 2007 was unable to open the file.

OpenOffice hatsoff to you

hey stay back.. there is still…

When the user left happily that his problem has been solved (in fact he had received the file by mail), i was wondering how come the file was opened in OpenOffice and not by ms-word. Upon various trails i found the problem. It was actually MS-Word 2003 file (.doc) and god knows how it got renamed to .docx extension.

The point here is that MS-Word or microsoft software was unable to identify the file format irrespective of its extension, microsoft should improve their software intuitiveness in this area.