Firefox 3 final release

Firefox 3

Firefox 3.0 final – First thoughts by ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

The official release of Firefox 3.0 is still a few hours away (that’s due to happen at 10.00PDT today) but the final build of Firefox is now available for download as long as you know where to look for it. I’ve grabbed my download and carried out a few installs and I’m ready with some initial thoughts.

Opera 9.5 released

Opera : Beautifully engineered

Opera (web browser).png

I have been a superfan of opera browser since pre- Firefox (also one of the favorite) era (when IE and netscape navigator were dominant players), i believe it dates back to 1996 was my first date with opera which also sported no-graphics version was the fastest browser i had seen then on windows only platform. Now available on almost all OS platforms such as windows, mac, linux, freeBsd, solaris.

Built-in features includes tabbed browsing, bit-torrent client, mail client (opera mail), fraud protection, pop-up blocking, feed aggregator n lots others, why dont u give it a try and find yourself amused with special features also such as speed-dial, mouse gestures etc.

Opera sports a clean n sleek look, can be decorated with skins and widgets can be added.
These are my opinion on opera browser which by no-means complete, lots of others features such as privacy, usability, standard support, mobile-opera (for smart phones and PDA’s) are just few to mention.

try this acid-test (web standard compliance) on your favourite browser and compare it with opera and judge urself.